Hub Culture is working to deliver global assistance for the COVID-19 pandemic by expanding its HubID global identity platform to assist with new forms of parallel stimulus, supply chain certainty and escrow, and to power digital health data connectivity.

The projects foster citizen-generated datasets to link providers with simple interfaces owned and managed by the citizen. The projects are powered by HubID, a digital identity system managed by Hub Culture, the world’s longest running online social network. Citizens with a HubID are able to manage hundreds of data components (called Specks) to help them form a unique and reliable digital identity. Ownership for this digital identity is maintained by the citizen, and the data comprising the identity is not sold or otherwise used by Hub Culture.

Access to HubID is available to anyone for free. HubID also powers AQUA.

Local, regional, municipal and national governments can apply for Regulator status to develop a Parallel Stimulus Program (PSP). Healthcare providers can apply for Healthcare Practitioner status to connect with patients and deliver COVID-19 and antibody test results.

Healthcare Practitioners

Doctors can apply for Practitioner status in the Hub Culture membership section.

One approved, they are listed in a library of practitioners which can be searched for by the citizen, who designates their doctor and clinic or institution as a Speck in their HubID profile.

Once the citizen has confirmed this relationship, the healthcare practitioner can approve the relationship link, and provide clinical results for COVID-19 status and the status of other related health conditions that could aggravate the condition.

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