Faster Payments Task Force – Effectiveness Criteria

How do you set out to improve the speed of payments? According to the Federal Reserve’s Strategies for Improving the U.S. Payment System, you start with a call for collaboration and follow quickly with a definition of faster. In pursuit of its desired outcome for... read more

2016 Briefing: Washington DC

On February 29, DATA will convene a lunchtime briefing in Washington DC to explore the latest developments in the digital asset industry. These occasional briefings provide stakeholders and interested parties with an opportunity to review the landscape in a private... read more

Global Consumer Best Practices Guidelines from DATA

The DATA Consumer Best Practices Working Group, under the leadership of the CBP Chair Judith Rinearson, the DATA board and input from the DATA community, have formulated the first set of global guidelines on matters related to consumer best practice issues for... read more

Key Date: August 8th for NYDFS BitLicense

A reminder to DATA member companies and the digital currency community in general: recently announced BitLicense rules from the New York Department of Financial Services are scheduled to take affect August 8, 2015, following a 45 day waiting period announced on June... read more

Global AML / KYC Draft Guidelines from DATA

The DATA Compliance Working Group, under the leadership of the AML/KYC Chair Juan Llanos, the DATA board and input from the DATA community, have formulated the first set of global guidelines on matters related to anti-money laundering and know-your-customer issues for... read more

DATA Comments to Conference of State Bank Supervisors

DATA has submitted comments to the US Conference of State Bank Supervisors, detailing recommendations and viewpoints on pending rules for digital assets, including digital currency. The comments come after a detailed review of the CSBS proposed rule making, with... read more

DATA Member Review

Since DATA’s inception last year, the digital asset landscape has grown and changed significantly. With these developments have come a growing consensus around standards, best practices and engagement, led in large part by the 40+ member companies of DATA. To... read more

The Standards Workshops with DATA

The Standards Workshops with DATA. Working with leading universities, researchers and industry representatives, the DATA Standards Workshops are a collaborative effort to determine leadership principles in the fields of digital assets.  Following the first workshop in... read more